Helping Students Reach Their Educational Goals

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Today's high school students are faced with increasingly difficult decisions earlier and earlier due to the competitiveness of our global economy. Students can no longer wait until their junior year to "get serious" about their educational plans. Early awareness and action is imperative to ensure students reach their educational, and ultimately, career goals.

Where do students get the information they need for high school success and for college planning? Hopefully, it comes from their school counselor. This seems logical until you look at the numbers. On average, individual Colorado high school counselors support over 200 students. In District 51, the ratio is near 300 to 1. As a parent, you need to ask yourself: 

  • Can the typical high school counselor provide the timely attention my student needs to reach his/her educational goals? 
  • Does my student's high school counselor have my student's best interests in mind? 
  • Does my student's counselor truly know my student's post-secondary and career aspirations? 
  • Can my student's counselor provide individual attention to my student? 
  • Can I and my student work with the high school counselor outside of school time?

While school counselors are well-trained and do a great job at what they can do, the large student numbers make it nearly impossible for them to do it all. This is where we come in. We use our 20 years of educational experience to focus on helping kids succeed in high school and get on the right track for post-secondary study and/or careers. Our services are focused on YOUR child. We get to know you and your child to assure we provide what your child needs to succeed.

Don't leave your child's future to chance. We limit the number of students we work with each year making sure we know you and your student's individual needs. We maintain individual Student Success portfolios that include: 

  • Report cards and related school documentation 
  • Data from student assessments 
  • Student and parent survey information 
  • Education and career goals statements

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